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Vsp steel/Vizag Steel

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP) is an Indian brand of steel that is also known as Vizag steel. The company manufactures an exclusive product mix of longs and it is the largest producer of steel bars and rods in India. VSP Steel company is the sixth-largest steel company in India in terms of capacity. The products of VSP steel include Rebars, Wire Rods, Rounds, Structurals, Blooms & Billets, and Pig Iron and the company also markets by-products like coal chemicals (Ammonium Sulphate, Benzol products, etc.) and Slag. Their products are highly recognized for the quality. We deal in VSP/Vizag steel products like steel bars, TMT, rods, pipes, and more

Vizag tmt

Vizag TMT bars are important for every construction of buildings as they bear a load of the structure, slabs, beams of lights, and columns. As the strength of every structure, Quality Vizag TMT bars also withstand hurricanes as well as earthquakes. Poor quality materials such as affordable steel bars typically contain high levels of unidentified elements which can be damaging for the buildings. Ksteel Vizag TMT steel bars are steel bars that are produced with a special metallurgical procedure called “Thermo Mechanical Treatment”. These TMT bars are authorized by the Bureau of Indian Requirements for building and also for building and construction tasks. The best quality TMT bars you can get are Fe 500 and Fe 500D. We provide high-quality Vizag TMT bars. We also provide the product in other brands. Vizag products are strong, durable, corrosion-free, and ductile! They have high tensile strength and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Vizag angle

Vizag is a well-known steel brand in India and we procure the best brands of steel at a competitive price. Vizag angles are a type of structural steel with an angle of 90 degrees. They are available in different dimensions and thickness. However, the most common length available is 10m to 12m. The steel angles of various strengths like HT/MS are formed as required by different manufacturing methods. Angles are used in the construction industries, bridges, transmission towers, sheds, and more. Our products are highly appreciated in the market for their quality assurance and best prices. If you have a requirement for Vizag angle, then Ksteel is the best steel dealer in Bangalore. We provide corrosion-resistant steel products.

Vizag Channel

Its cross-section is formed like a squared-off C, with a straight back and a couple of vertical extensions on the top and the base. Some types of steel channel include brief inward-facing lips throughout the expansions, alongside the back, that makes the framework extra rigid, comparable to rectangular steel tubes. Other sorts of networks have openings or openings for bolting objectives, and also others might include a slight ridge to the back to additional increase strength. Contrasted to other architectural steel items, such as I-beams, the steel network is lighter and also a little more flexible, though it uses less torsional stamina, making it susceptible to twisting under specific problems. It offers boosted rigidity over flat steel supply, as well as is slightly more powerful when made use of lengthwise than the equal thickness of angle iron. We provide Vizag steel channels at a competitive price and sizes.

Reinforcement Bars

Reinforcement steel bars exhibit higher thermal resistance even at temperatures up to 600° C. The retention of significant strength or, in other words, resistance to softening, is attributed to the design of steel chemistry, presence of tempered martensite layer on the rebar surface, and the absence of any cold worked structural zone.

Steel Pipes

M.S. Pipes are available as per the specified standards. M.S. Pipes are available as Simple MS Pipes Coil (ISI) Marked MS Pipes. Mild Steel (MS) pipes find their extensive usage in various industrial sectors such as chemicals, fertilizers, sugar mills distilleries, to name a few. These pipes are also used for plumbing and irrigation as well

Steel Sheets

We deal in high-quality CR sheets. These sheets are made from high-quality HR coils and procured from reputed / main manufacturers in India. CR sheets have features like excellent paintability, weldability, and workability. we are one of the  leading Steel and Cement Suppliers in Bangalore

Structural Sections

Structural steel sections are hot rolled products, with a cross-section of special contours such as angles, channels, and beams/joists. The rolling and cutting tolerance for hot rolled products is as per IS: 1852/ 85 standard. We supply a wide range of structural, in a variety of sizes and specifications.

Steel Plates

Steel plates are used mainly for the manufacture of bridges, steel structures, ships, large diameter pipes, storage tanks, boilers, railway wagons, and pressure vessels. Steel Plates are also used for fabrication work & industrial usage.


OPC 43 Grade
An Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is manufactured by grinding Clinker with Gypsum. OPC 43 Grade Cement surpasses all the quality parameters set by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). High fineness ensures and easier workability and more compressive strength.