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M.S. Pipes

Steel Pipe Supplier

Steel Pipes

Kaushalesh Steels offer fine quality MS Steel Pipes sourced from reputed manufactures and supplier. MS pipes are widely used in many industrial applications.

Mild Steel pipes have low carbon content – less than 0.25% which allows them to be easy welded, bent and fabricated into different shapes and sizes. The low carbon content prevents them from hardening. The pipes are usually coated with other materials like varnish to prevent them for rusting. The surface of mild steel can be hardened by carburizing.

Mild steel pipes’ prices are relatively low and can be used for a variety of applications – in mechanical engineering, agricultural industry, irrigation, drinking water systems, plumbing, chemical & fertilizers industries, in sugar mills, distilleries, and more.

M.S. Pipes are available as per the specified standards. M.S. Pipes are available as Simple MS Pipes Coil (ISI) Marked MS Pipes. They are available in different grades and diameters as well.

Steel Pipe Supplier

G.I. Pipes

Galvanised Iron pipes are hot-dipped and are manufactured using steel strips of low-carbon steel coils. They are passed through a series of rolls and become circular in shape. G.I pipes come in two types – ERW (Electric-Resistance-Welding) and SW – Seamless-welding. ERW pipes have a welded joint in the cross-section, while a seamless pipe does not have any through-out its length


  • ERW Pipes in API specification can be supplied with wall thickness of max 7.1 mm (0.281″)
  • Other thickness within the range can be produced for both ERW & SW Pipes
Steel Pipe supplier in Bangalore
Steel Pipe supplier in Bangalore

Applications: ERW pipes are used in Water Pipelines, Agriculture and Irrigation (Water Mains, Sewerage Systems, Industrial Water Lines, Plant Piping, Deep Tube-Wells & Casing Pipes).

Other popular application areas include usage in gas pipe lines (pipelines for natural gas, LPG and other non-toxic gases).

The SW pipes are meant for shallow water applications This could be in a canal, natural stream, culvert, or pipe.