• Reinforcement Bars

    Reinfocement Bars

Reinforcement Bars

Reinforcement steel bars exhibit higher thermal resistance even at temperatures up to 600° C. The retention of significant strength or, in other words, resistance to softening, is attributed to the design of steel chemistry, presence of tempered martensite layer on the rebar surface, and absence of any cold worked structural zone.

The common grades available with us are FE 500, FE 500D, FE 550 & FE 550D 

We are one of the largest suppliers of corrosion resistance Steel popularly known as CRS. 

Rebars, which is short for Reinforcement Bars, are used to increase the tensile strength of concrete because concrete has low tensile strength. They are produced using a hot-rolling method with consecutive superficial hardening with heat treatment. They have high ductile properties, can be easily bent, have high-yield strength and toughness, resistant to corrosion, earthquake, and high temperature.

Reinfocement Bars

Rebars come in different types –

  • Mild steel bars
  • Deformed steel bars – TMT, HSD
  • Carbon steel rebars
  • Epoxy-coated rebars
  • Galvanised Rebars
  • Stainless steel rebars

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TMT is a type of deformed steel bar and is short for Thermo-Mechanically-Treated bars. They have ribbed projections on their surface that hold the concrete in place. They are widely used in the construction industry. We provide TMT bars in Bangalore at the best prices.

Applications: Construction of buildings and other infrastructures.