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Rail line are made of high-quality steel equivalent to hot-rolled steel. It is mainly made of medium carbon steel with a carbon percentage of 0.7-0.8% and manganese percentage of 0.7-1%. This kind of steel is called C-Mn rail steel and they are quite resistant to wear and tear. The high content of manganese permits deep heat treatment of the metal, due to which it becomes stronger and less likely to fracture and wear.

Rail Lines Dealers

Why is steel used in railway lines?

Whatever metal is used for railway lines must be able to withstand high temperature, extreme weather conditions, stress from the rail cars, and be resistant to corrosion. And no other metal than steel can meet all the requirements as it is versatile, can expand and contract without cracking, is weldable, strong and ductile. The chemical composition and its properties make it an ideal choice for railway lines.

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