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    Mild Steel Plates

Mild Steel Plates

Mild steel plate is also known as low carbon steel plate, with carbon content about 0.05%-0.25% by weight. This means that mild steel is more ductile, malleable, and weldable than high-carbon steel. It also has high tensile strength and high impact strength. The advantage of using mild steel over high-carbon steel is that it is lighter in weight and cost-effective.

Besides the carbon content, mild steel also contains small amounts of chromium and molybdenum but cannot be classified as an alloy steel because the alloying elements are quite low. However, it has high amount of iron and ferrite, so it has magnetic properties.

Steel plates are used for their toughness, hardness, corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, resistance to high temperature. They are available in different lengths and thickness, in different types like polished, hot-rolled and cold-rolled. Steel plates are easy to install, recycle, fabricate and work with due to their lightweight and versatility. They are also used for their resistance to chloride crossing and stress from crackings

Plates-Mild-Steel price in bangalore

We provide tested high-quality, corrosion-resistant mild steel plates at the best steel rate in Bangalore. We are a wholesaler of mild steel plates in Bangalore.
Applications : Mild Steel are used mainly for the manufacture of

  • Bridges
  • Steel structures
  • Ships
  • Large diameter pipes
  • Storage tank
  • Boilers
  • Railway wagons and pressure vessels.

The company also Supplies weatherproof steel plates for the construction of rail cars.

Plates-Mild-Steel price in bangalore

Chequered Plates

Mild Chequered plate come in different embossed designs on either side like diamond, water drops or cross patterns that are projected on the surface. These projections make them skid-proof while the other side remains smooth. They are widely used for their high aesthetic value and low maintenance.

MS Chequered plates weight are light and can be easily installed. They are resistant to abrasion and don’t wear out easily, resistant to extreme weather conditions and an alkaline environment, resistant to high impact which makes them ideal for use in floorboards and bridge construction.

plates-chequered price
plates-chequered price

Applications – MS Chequered plates are used in

  • Construction and engineering industries
  • Platforms
  • Stair treads
  • Flooring panels
  • Furniture decoration of doors, chairs, etc
  • Architecture – wall and ceilings
  • Automobiles
  • Agricultural equipment and in everyday things.

We supply to our clients, high quality Chequered steel plates that are available in various grades, thickness, length and weight. Our range is extremely competitively priced.